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Vujcich House

Posted by in Architecture, Contemporary, Interior Design

A house that has won many awards and is located in the middle of Herne Bay, this wonderful structure manages to be very imposing through its narrowness. This wonderful architectural piece has been designed to offer a family something extremely functional that would allow them to benefit from the wonderful surroundings. The house has a wonderful view over the harbor as well as an interesting usage of space inside. The house can be seen almost like a statement as it has used elements from many themes and styles, blending the old and the new together nicely.

Vujcich House (3)

The structure had to be limited due to the narrow site allowing this unusual design. One of the interesting features of the house is the entry. Those who wish to enter will need to access the house via a bridge in a moat style area. This detail not only gives it a charming feel but also allows for a heightened feeling of privacy for its owners. The entry also features glazing with translucent glass that allows for great lighting in the interior. It looks even larger from the inside as the bright rooms along with the wide spaces and elements such as floating furniture greatly improve this feeling.

Vujcich House (1)

The interior has been furnished with 1950-60s style furniture along with art similarly themed. The spaces inside is beautifully compartmented as rooms feature exterior decks, big terraces and a wonderful view over the landscape. The inside of the house makes up for the lack of color that is found outside. The windows allow for maximum exposure to light but the house is almost completely hidden to the outside due to a smart facade design that has been implemented on the front of the house.

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The house is surrounded by nature taking full advantage of its position and features a beautiful garden that almost blends in with the construction. The garden continues down on stairs to the back of the house which is completely hidden from view at first glance. It also features an ample but very private back yard along with an extensive green area surrounding it.

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