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Pietro Russo Ecomo South Africa

Posted by in Architecture, Eco

An interesting modern building that is highly adaptable and comes in a huge array of possible finishes the Ecomo house designed by Petro Russo is a true gem in any environment.

The compact nature of the home allows sustainable living for any sized family or even single use. While the home is not CO2 neutral it has a lot of sustainable features and green design has definitely influenced the building and design process.

Pietro Russo Ecomo 1

The Ecomo is predesigned and prefabricated home that can be customized to fit any form of landscape and any plot of land. It is ideal for unusual plots and the wide range of available finishes can help it integrate in just about any type of surroundings.

The home’s basic shape can also be customized, making it easy to increase its size at a later date by simply adding an extra section. The predesigned and prefabricated system guarantees a high-quality build process and a special attention to interior details. The off-site build also positively affects the overall price as it is part of a streamlined process. The schedule is more reliable and the impact on the terrain is less harsh with only basic assembly being required.

Pietro Russo Ecomo 4

The Ecomo has a modular design, allowing little waste during construction. It is also highly reliable on renewable energy, getting all its electrical needs from solar energy panels. This means that it is not dependent on energy lines, allowing its owners greater freedom when it comes to the location of the plot.

The theme of the building is to allow people who don’t have a fortune to spend on a home the ability to connect with the environment, to have a safe haven in which to escape large urban concentrations are reestablish a strong connection to a natural landscape.

Pietro Russo Ecomo 3

The house can adapt to any plot but its basic outline has 110 square meters and a 38 square meter deck. There are several green measures implemented in the building like the collection of rainwater for flushing toilets as well as proper sewage treatment that allows up to 90 percent of it to be reused in irrigation.

 Pietro Russo Ecomo 2

The house also tries to reduce energy consumption by using efficient and powerful LED lights, installing Gum wood on both inside flooring and the outside deck. For extra durability and cost effectiveness the exterior of the house is clad in eucalyptus. The stain on the wood blends beautifully with the rich South African environment.