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This amazing residential project in Koh Samui aims to redefine communal living by adding modern, luxurious elements and a lot of attention to the design, both exterior, as well as interior. The outside of the building is both functional and esthetically pleasing. The large floor to ceiling windows are beautifully framed by the angled terrace and exterior details. These details offer increased intimacy while giving the building much of its modern character.

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The series of angled details break up the large building, making it seem less imposing and more human in scale. The rooftop shared swimming pool is the key element to this apartment block. It offers superb 360 degrees views, a comfortable lounge and deck and of course the infinity pool. It is a great place to socialize or simply relax.

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The interior of the apartments is well lit and has a strong granite texture. The rock plated wall is an interesting detail that gives each room its own distinct character. The apartments have a high ceiling and a multitude of lighting sources, some indirect, that create a pleasantly and comfortable environment.
The glass wall that leads to the small terrace bathed the apartment in light while the angle of the building provides complete intimacy.

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The large glass frames the beautiful views adding to the overall charm of the location. The entire apartment is open planned allowing for easy access to all rooms. The bathroom is stylish and spacious. It is highly stylized and compartmentalized in three spaces: the walk-in shower, the large mirror room and the toilet itself. The beautiful rock cladding that runs throughout the apartment continues in the bathroom creating a pleasant sense of unity. The floor throughout the apartment is tiled with large light cream tiles that are both functional and extremely stylish.

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The bedroom is focused around the double bed and a neutrally colored couch. A ceiling fan helps maintain a comfortable room temperature and helps ventilate the apartment while the large, sweeping glazing opens up and connects the beautiful exterior with the interior, giving the entire apartment a new life and a sense of unbound space.

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