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Northwest Harbor

Posted by in Architecture, Contemporary, Eco, Interior Design

This house is a wonderful contemporary styled house that has been created to overlook its surroundings but easily blend into the nature. Northwest Harbor house has been constructed using spaces that allow light and air to penetrate the house. This gives the house a private feel but without taking away the contact with the exterior. Those who are inside have a wonderful view of the surroundings and will benefit from a smartly designed space. Inside and out the house features sliding doors that lead to open rooms. The living space is out in the open and it merges with the landscape. Through this type of design the house gets maximum exposure to the sunlight which makes it warm during colder seasons and well lit and ventilated during warmer seasons.


Inside the house, furniture has been crafted in a simple manner by using warm tones that contrast with the cold exterior of the house. There is always a smart placement of the balconies and opened areas that can be easily accessible from inside, almost melting into the rooms. Wood has been used on the ceiling and the floors creating a homier and warm environment while contemporary art pieces along with carved areas are scattered around the house to match the interior design theme.


The wood that is incorporated in the interior design has been especially picked in various shades from the darker and more rustic ones, to lighter shades that suggest a modern atmosphere. Storage is another smartly designed feature of the house as it seems that all the hidden spots and walls have been designed to incorporate a certain form of storage, from cupboards to shelves. The work areas have been placed so that they receive the highest amount of light during the day while the more private areas are nicely “hidden” away from curious eyes.


The house is raised above the ground, which allows for either a garden or car parking as well as a heightened sense of privacy. Since the living space is not at ground level, those inside it will feel much more protected from the outside surroundings.


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