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Narigua House

Posted by in Architecture, Contemporary, Eco, Interior Design

Located in a charming neighborhood in northem Mexico this lovely house has been constructed to create a wonderful contemporary feel but also to overcome the limitations of its surroundings. Due to the fact that it is in the middle of a wonderful area, the plan was to preserve the view; this means that the house features an amazing 360 ยบ system that shows the entire environment. The lovely wildlife and the superb vegetation can now blend with the interior of the house as it can be perfectly seen from the inside.


Due to the fact that there were certain restrictions when constructing the building, the house has a small footprint and focuses on providing large space on several stores rather than on the ground. This way it seems to be floating above the ground and rising up from the trees, not to mention the fact that it overlooks the road. The building has also been divided into several areas that each serves a different purpose.


The first area is the entrance hall with the master bedroom and the staircase which provide the house with as much light as possible. Another area would be the entrance which is comprised of a garage and a lot of smartly designed storage space. There is also the kitchen and social areas that are all located to offer a spectacular view for those inside.


The house has been constructed to offer a huge belvedere around the landscape from any of its windows, but one of the most special elements is the fact that it makes those inside feel like they are floating up in the air. The design inside seems to mimic the colors that can be seen in the landscape as the vegetation is easily blending with the interior.


Red and brown tones create the color palette inside and the rooms have also been tastefully decorated with antiques and paintings that blend well with the rest of the color scheme. Tall celling and colored walls that contrast with huge windows are what make this house feel huge from the inside as well as keeping it well lit.




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