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Liston Home

Posted by in Architecture, Contemporary

The Liston Home is an interesting modern home that shines more through the quality of the interior design and materials rather than the exterior finishing or shape. In an almost conventional shape, the Liston Home offers an interesting pattern on the front end of the house to break up what could be a monotonous front facade.

Liston Home 1

The entry presents a small garden as well as an easily accessible garage door. The front door is cleverly set behind the front line of the house with a red cover that creates an interesting contrast with the rest of the exterior’s color palette. The floor to ceiling windows that are visible from the front end of the house bathe the interior in light while the second story windows lead to a small balcony situated over the garage entry.

 Liston Home 2

The interior is made out of neutral brown tones mostly with some small color nuances attracting attention to certain decor elements. The dark brown hardwood flooring is beautifully complemented by the wooden staircase. A large living space is located to the right of the staircase. The same brown overtones dominate the otherwise comfortable and large room. The floor to ceiling windows give a lot of natural light to the room while preserving some privacy.

 Liston Home 3

The timber floored entryway leads to the kitchen area that is hidden with some clever paneling. The dining area is spacious, allowing a lot of people to dine at one time while also leading to the terrace through more floor-to-ceiling glazing. The interior has an opened plan feeling while giving enough privacy to each room.

The exterior terrace is simply decorated with comfortable furniture and an exterior fireplace to create beautiful light and heat the terrace on cold nights.

 Liston Home 4

The second story of the Liston Home is comprised of 4 bedrooms and a multi-purpose room that can be a nursery, an office or even a playroom. The master bedroom is somewhat separated from the other three bathrooms and also comes with an en-suite bathroom. Each bedroom comes with its own built in robe while also offering enough space and light to add extra seating or even a desk.

The Liston House can work both as a family house and as a place to entertain. It offers all the high tech necessities of a modern building without going too far with the exterior design. The color palette, both inside and out helps it blend into the surrounding area, be it a row of houses or a natural landscape.