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Hover House 3 California

Posted by in Architecture, Contemporary

Designed by Glen Irani Architects the Hover House 3 is an astounding piece of modern design, creating the epitome of the modern, luxury home in one of Los Angeles’ best areas, namely the Venice Canal.

While the large 2,500 square foot vertical building seems too large for any sustainability, it does incorporate a number of eco-friendly measures and technologies that greatly reduce its carbon footprint.

 Hover House 1

All three levels of the house have green materials and finishes, creating a comfortable, pleasant environment that is also friendly as far as emissions go. The three levels of the house are split according to space and privacy needs. The first story offers a garage and a beautifully fluent lounge that extends to the outside terraces. The second story offers immense amounts of light in a large living space while the third story houses 3 bedrooms and office spaces.

The mix of materials provides a modern feel throughout the house with several stunning elements like the huge structural X’s the rectangular concrete panels that cover much of the house’s exterior and, of course, the numerous glass panels that allow great visibility throughout.

 Hover House 2

The interior of the house is just as powerful as the exterior. Some strong colors accentuate numerous elements within the house like the floating staircase which is painted tangerine red. It uses a cleaver steel bolted and glazed system that gives it an almost floating quality even with the design being clearly industrial.

Hover House 3

The house has a minimalist design on the interior with colors being used to create a sharp contrast between elements. The flooring is a mix of beautiful tiles and differently pigmented portions of polished concrete.

Hover House 5

The ground floor offers an amazingly private lounge area in the crowded Venice Canal part of Los Angeles. It makes a great transition from the grey simplicity of the interior to the green grass, wood and pebbles of the small yard. The second floor offers all the facilities needed in a luxury modern home while the top floor offers majestic bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and superb views of the surrounding area from its floor to ceiling glass walls.

Hover House 4

The master bathroom is a success of minimal design and sharp lines. The quality of the finishing is evident. The all-white coloring gives a light, clean and spacious quality to the space. The cabinetry and mirrors work well with the space, showing off its size while also giving some functionality to this superb bathroom.