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Built over a preexisting 1970 foundation, this beautiful house is a marvelous piece of modern architecture. The house also uses an interesting structure of glulam post and a beam that has been connected with steel plates. This has been beautifully done in order to project the landscape on the large windows and give maximum lighting throughout the house.


The overall design features a completely glazed exterior with wooden elements to contrast with its modern nature. An ample deck and huge balcony space both create a special bond with exterior basically immersing indoor living in the landscape. Due to the fact that the house has been constructed with wood it has a lower environmental footprint as wood is a renewable resource that is processed with a low amount of energy. The prefabricated shear wall panels are also very durable even during severe natural calamities such as hurricanes, despite looking fragile.


Floor to ceiling windows are used to give a different perspective of the interior, making it even larger as well as an interesting light experience throughout the day. The owners will experience various degrees of light levels that will also warm the house during colder seasons. The view is definitely an element that shouldn’t be overlooked, as the beautiful windows manage to capture the surroundings perfectly. The steel used within its structure has been used in the interior design in a very unique manner. Thus, the steel becomes part of the furniture, used in shelves, dressers and even as part of the chandelier.


It can also be found on other elements of the house, such as the staircase. The wood seems to be another element that is used both on the outside and the inside. Contrasting with the steel, it gives the house a homey look. Without the use of wood in the interior design the house would have been less intimate and dull.


The house manages to blend naturally with the outside although it has a very sleek and modern design. The interior design also manages to blend natural elements such as the wood with more modern elements like the steel mimicking the exterior.



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