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Darwin House

Posted by in Architecture, Contemporary

An absolutely stunning house that is meant to take full advantage of its waterfront location and the slight inclination of the plot it is situated on. The Darwin House is a fantastic piece of architecture, combining the very best of luxury design and fixtures in a tropical humid and hot climate that rarely sees such larger than life projects.

The Darwin House is made to entertain; there are no two ways about it. Every aspect of the house, from the large floor to ceiling windows to the pattern of high quality materials to the furnishing, fixtures and decorations highlights the fact that this house was made to impress.

Darwin House 1

The house is modernist yet far from the straight and simple lines that so often come with modernist houses. There is no one element that dominates the facade of the building with several high quality materials interacting to create a beautifully patterned beautifully constructed building. From stylish metal railings, to glass walls, wooden paneling, exposed cement and varying form of rocks, the Darwin House is a mix of influences and materials that manages to look amazing.

 Darwin House 2

The house is impressive both inside and out with the garden and exterior elements being just as over the top as the interior. It wraps around a lap pool, much like those found in luxury resorts. To deal with the tropical weather, the Darwin house also has numerous overhangs that create shade while still allowing sufficient light to get to the large interior.

 Darwin House 4

The interior flooring ranges from hardwood to tiles. The main living area and lounge is incredibly spacious. The large glass walls that give way to the surrounding garden bring the outside landscaping inside, creating a continuous space and making it seem even larger. The well thought out furniture grouped around an imposing set of black leather couches creates a balanced space that doesn’t seem too cavernous.

Darwin House 5

This sophisticated mansion has a large amount of design elements that stand out and show the amazing level of craftsmanship involved in the build. The staircase gives a floating impression while the upstairs bedrooms are almost completely surrounded by glass yet still offer a good amount of privacy.

The master bathroom is absolutely huge, tiled in a textured black tile while the walk-in closets are also impressively large. Each room opens to a balcony or terrace while that captures the surrounding waterfront views beautifully while the downstairs gives way to the impressively large pool.