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Crooked House Switzerland

Posted by in Contemporary, Eco

The Crooked House is a prefab house that manages to beautifully blend the rural surroundings of the Swiss countryside and all modern needs in a light, quirky, simply yet balanced design.

The location is an important element in the design of the house as it reflects the simple, rural environment. The dark painted planks of pine create a warm exterior decor that gives the house an interesting pattern, as well as good durability and great eco character.


The most important issue with the house was the need for privacy. While the surrounding area is not exactly crowded with other buildings, privacy can become an issue as more people take up residence in this gorgeous part of Swiss countryside. To give a sense of privacy while also taking full advantage of the surrounding views and creating a light-filled interior the architects inclined the upper floor of this two storied house to a 40 degree angle.

This angled second floor creates the most noticeable element of the house, the element that actually gives the house its modern and somewhat unusual character. Large south facing windows bathe the house in natural daylight for the entire day while the simple pattern of the exterior sets the house beautifully without making it look like a giant modernist cube that would be out of place.


The house also has a rather simple patio that is built for functionality only allowing uninterrupted views from every window on the first floor of the house. The interior is also simple, with the most striking feature being the wooden ceilings. These wooden ceilings boost the house’s eco credentials while creating a strong connection to the wooden exterior and the rural views outside. The unstained pine wooden ceilings also play a part in letting even more light into the interior.

The house’s roof structure goes down on the north facing part of the house creating an interesting contrast with the angled pine paneling and the small windows on this side of the house.

The striking angled second floor offers superb views while also creating a sense of complete privacy. It is spectacularly covered in glass for the most of the south facing side. The interior has polished concrete flooring and a combination of modern fittings with minimal lines and warm, wooden undertones that tie it to its area.

This Swiss Crooked House was designed by FOVEA Architects and represents a brave take even on a modernist rural home.