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Cloud Street Residence

Posted by in Architecture, Contemporary

This charming house can be a lovely family home. It has been built as a 900 square feet cottage and has been constructed using sustainable materials and a well-placed system of windows that lights it beautifully throughout the day. The latter also makes the space look bigger, which is a big plus. Since the architects used the existing foundation there is a lot of space that needed more enhancement. Although the house doesn’t look like the other houses in the neighborhood , the designer has managed to capture the warm home appearance as well as the scale and context of the surroundings.


The house is obviously Scandinavian inspired which makes it extremely durable and well insulated; one of the main objectives here was to create a well-organized plan that would make a small space easily accessible. The beautifully detailed design and the double glazed windows are surely something to be admired. They allow great natural ventilation in the summer and during winter they contribute to warming the house. The designers used innovative elements like brise soleil, acetylated wood and fiber composite. They are all materials that are used to improve the overall comfort through sustainable solutions. The acetylated wood is also used for construction where durability is a must as it minimizes water absorption.


Inside, the building offers a warm and comfortable living space that has been well compartmentalized in order to provide its owners with ample storage space. While it may not impress through size a series of ingenuous design features like sliding doors, an efficiently furnished kitchen and large windows easily make up for the lack of space.


In terms of overall appearance and design the house has been created using bold colors and an interesting pattern that, while modern, steers away from the classic simple rendering of most contemporary homes. The lightly colored acetylated wood that makes up the deck contrasts beautifully with the dark grey of the exterior paneling and the solid cement details. It is clear that the house sparks an interest in any passerby as it offers a nurturing environment in a pleasantly designed building.


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