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Chuckanut Ridge House

Posted by in Architecture, Eco

The Chuckanut Ridge House features a beautiful design that mixes steel and wood to crate wonderfully patterned textures and a real dialogue with the surrounding country side. The bald modern design is meant to maximize the functional space of the home while also offering durability and fantastic views as well as a well-adjusted positioning the hillside.

Chuckanut Ridge House 2

The house has a strong Asian theme that works well with the modern features. The other striking element of the house is its ecofriendly approach, one that leads to a large south facing wall solar panels to power the house, several tanks for collection of rain water as well as a series of other elements like double glazed windows and a heat recovery system.

The dark brown and dark grey colors on the exterior work well with the surrounding natural landscape, making the building fit into the hillside and be almost camouflaged by the surrounding trees. The chunky pattern of the wood and thick roof structure also work well with the area, giving the house a sense of stability and strength without taking away from its Asia touches.

Chuckanut Ridge House 1

Glazing also plays an important role in the house with a large portion of the bottom floor being made out of large windows or floor to ceiling glass walls. This bathes the interior in natural light for the duration of the day while also offering lovely views of the surrounding area. The glass surface is cleverly designed to offer beautiful views and light without taking away too much privacy.

The flooring on the bottom floor is made out of large dark tiles that go throughout the house and terrace uninterrupted by the glazing units. To add some dramatic perks to the house while also breaking up the tiled surface the kitchen and dining area as well as a good portion of the hallways are decked in light parquet.

The red staircase is a striking element that gives the interior much of its character while also providing a stylish note and a functional space to deposit items of all sizes and shapes.

The upstairs bedrooms beautifully frame the view with large floor to ceiling windows that also bathe the rooms in light. The house is painted white throughout complementing the light parquet while also creating a nice contrast with the dark tiles on the bottom floor. Furniture is simple, generally in very dark or very light colors with occasional splashes of red to break up the monotony.