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This amazing property is not your typical home but that doesn’t take away from the amount of comfort and appeal it has.

The sleek lines, simple exterior and smartly divided interior, along with the high quality of materials and many detailed features make this home a unique blend of modern design and fine craftsmanship. The house has a modern approach as the architect tried to provide an ideal space use and a stunning view.


One of the major advantages of Casa Luz is its large beautiful windows which not only provide great natural light but also warm the house beautifully. Besides that, they give the impression of more space and also allow the room to become a sort of balcony. The house is already large but the use of floor to ceiling windows makes it appear huge. Vegetation has been added to enhance this interesting idea. The large amount of vegetation surrounding the house also aims at preserving a sort of connection between those living inside the house and the nature outside.


There are certain structural elements that seem to suggest a simple but great design work; the timber formwork has been created to enhance the beautiful color of exposed concrete. This, with the use of simple vertical planes is used to improve how much light the house receives and offers a high living standard that allows for adjustable amounts of natural light.


The bathroom is particularly interesting, minimalistic and also offers a superb view. The suspended glass hallways give a dramatic look allowing a light minimalistic touch to the interior while creating a unique dialogue between the various spaces inside the house. The skylight simply bathes the upstairs bedroom in beams of light contributing even more to the modern and extremely simple feel of the house. While the house may certainly be an insulation nightmare its quality glazing and modern eco-friendly approach to heating makes up for it. Although it might seem like the house is lacking privacy due to the amount of windows, the trees nearby the house provide the privacy its residents need. The house also has an excellent position, with superb views over the nearby landscape.


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