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A&A House

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This lovely modern home has been designed with one thing in mind: to provide great comfort for its owners both aesthetically and in terms of functionality. The house is constructed to form an L shape and has taken full advantage of all its space and courtyard. When it comes to air and light access, the house provides a sort of shield against hot sun rays but allows light to go inside the living space and offer natural brightness. The house features large terraces that allow light into the study and living room area as well as large floor to ceiling windows that allow a sort of relationship with the nature outside.

A&A House greece (1)

The modern structure has exposed concrete on the outside that beautifully contrasts with the pristine white render in a charming blend of materials and textures. Due to the fact that in the interior and exterior the house features only neutral tones and more dull shades, there have been certain colored elements added to improve the home feeling and add to the warm atmosphere inside. The terraces are almost like living spaces, each provided with furniture and decorative elements. The nice red tinted hardwood floor that can be seen in the bedroom contrasts beautifully with the dark grey color of the walls. The walls, storage and decorative elements add an almost minimalistic feel to the house, giving off a very stylized ‘50s influence.

A&A House greece (3)

A rock plated garden wall introduces a new material to the site creating a strong contrast between the fine polished structure of the overall house and the uneven and almost imperfect structure of the wall. The exposed brick wall can also be seen inside the house giving it a more retro approach, and the feel that you are inside a very stylish American ranch.

A&A House greece (4)

Hardwood flooring and the exposed concrete ceiling create an interesting dialogue between the two most used materials within the house and a wonderful, dynamic design. Overall the house manages to balance elements that many would see as complete opposite without being over the top. This is what probably gives it its subtle charm.

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